Bowling, park, and rooftop anniversary celebration in Dallas, Texas

What better way to celebrate two years of marriage than a day full of all your favorite things? Make it even better with a documentary photographer helping you plan it all and following you around like a little fly on the wall.

Abby and Gio's first date was a trip to the local bowling alley, so that's where we started. We met at Bowlski's, a vintage bowling alley and arcade. Complete with a retro look and an actual game of bowling, this spot was full of playful competition. Next was Flippen Park in Highland Park, Dallas. Here Abby and Gio brought their pup Dax and some cozy fall outfits. We wrapped up our day on a rooftop with Lover's Pizza and Pasta for an urban take on the picnic.

Each location was specifically curated based off my conversations with Abby and Gio, their story, their day to day, and things they love.

Also, I'm convinced that the employee at Bowlski's thought it would be a hilarious prank to make Abby's name "Assy" on their bowling game. Hey, all for the plot I guess.