Texas couple's summer night photoshoot

I would say that my husband and I are the definition of "when you know you know." But boy do Tanner and Lillie fit the mold! These two were such a blast to hang out with.

Lillie and I planned out outfits and locations leading up to our session. She told me about her Grand Daddy's 1968 Ford pickup and I about died right there. This old truck had so much character and it held that sentimental value that I adore. On top of all that, she brought her Nanny's quilt. Nanny was married to Grand Daddy and the two were the truest form of love until the very end. Getting to use old love's gifts with new love made our field location my favorite spot of the night.

After the field, we went to a lake where the two danced on the dock and made their way down towards the water. Our initial hope for jumping off the dock and getting in a romantic swim was quickly shot down in this Texas drought and many rocks, but we made the most of what we had. These images felt so romantic and coastal, leaving me in awe.