Pricing Packages



The whole story! This is for the couple, the mama, the senior that wants multiple perspectives told and taken on a journey throughout their own life.
This experience comes with 3 locations, 3 outfits, details, true emotion, and all the candids!

Seniors and Couples


Documenting this special moment of your life through real laughs, shared kisses, and what makes you, well, you!
Up to 2 locations
Up to 3 outfits
1.5 hours
High-res downloads



The perfect hour for your family to enjoy one another and focus on what truly matters. This documentary style approach will leave you with more than just a pretty portrait.
1 location
Up to 2 outfits
1 hour
High-res downloads
** Extended/large family fees



Simple, but not lacking, the mini session is great for the friend wanting something specific that does not necessarily need tons of time like holiday cards with little kiddos or cap and gown portraits.
1 location
1 outfit
30 minutes
High-res downloads

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